The Next Refresh Worship Event is

May 31, 7pm

Spring Garden Baptist Church
112 Spring Garden Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

Come participate in this vibrant, Young Adults parachurch community! Refresh worship is a night of worship and teaching for young adults in the GTA.

Speaker: Vijay Krishnan.
Music: The Refresh Band

About Refresh Worship

Refresh is an authentic worship and teaching night for the young adults community of the Greater Toronto Area. Come for an evening of renewal through uplifting worship music led by the Refresh band and other special guests from around the city. Be inspired as we listen to anointed teachers who love the Word of God and are passionate about sharing God’s truth with the body of Christ. Free from distraction, let’s gather together in pursuit of Christ. We hope to see you at our next Refresh event.

Our Beliefs

Refresh is serious about some of our theological distinctives yet we always want to make sure that we are clear on major issues and allow for diversity in lesser matters. We try hard to resist labels because of the dangers inherent in that, however we know that the core beliefs of our community are very important. So without using traditional labels we would say that at Refresh we encourage each other to live a prayer-filled, Spirit-empowered, virtuous, compassionate, Word-centred, life.


If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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